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Evidence Of The Best Celeb Tooth Transformations


The rich and famous seem to have everything they could ever want in life, and that includes the means to deal with dental problems. From braces to whitening to veneers to closing a gap, these are the best celeb tooth transformations ever.

Before Cardi B became a global superstar, she was on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York. She won many people over with her comedic remarks, but she also faced her fair share of trolls who made some awful remarks about her supposedly less-than-perfect smile. During one episode, an etiquette coach encouraged her to dress more conservatively for business meetings, which prompted her to admit:

In a later episode, Cardi returned with a remodeled smile and boasted,

“I know y’all see my teeth. Now Imma use this mouth for what it’s really intended…to kill these rhymes.”

In response to the makeover, one viewer tweeted,

“Cardi B getting her teeth fixed shows how harsh and cruel people on the internet can be.”

This was, unfortunately, spot on, considering that someone else tweeted,

“Cardi B teeth need work when these #LHHNY checks come in this year, cus that s— ain’t acceptable.”

Cardi acknowledged her new teeth in the lyrics of her 2017 song “Bodak Yellow.” The track blew up, and so did the bank account of her dentist, who told TMZ that her business tripled after Cardi shouted her out. Keep watching to see more Evidence Of The Best Celeb Tooth Transformations!

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