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Guests Who Claimed Their Lives Were Ruined After Dr Phil


Love him or hate him, Dr. Phil has undoubtedly helped many people, either through advice, tough love, or financial support. But that’s not everyone’s experience. In fact, some have even sued him for fraud and other unsavory allegations. These are the guests who claim Dr. Phil ruined their lives.

As a cop turned murder convict, Laurie “Bambi” Bembenek wasn’t exactly living her best life when she agreed to appear on Dr. Phil. Unfortunately, things were about to get worse. According to the Los Angeles Times, Bembenek was given life in prison for killing her ex-husband’s first wife in 1981. She then escaped through a laundry room window, became a folk hero of sorts, and reached a deal to serve her remaining sentence on parole.

But Bembenek wanted her name cleared and believed Dr. Phil could help. According to the Chicago Tribune, show producers agreed to pay $20,000 to test the DNA evidence in her case. In return, Bembenek would appear on the show to reveal the results. But Bembenek‚Äôs lawyer, Mary Woehler, told the Los Angeles Times that the living arrangement the show set up for her client was disastrous. The show put her under, quote, “constant videotaping and a 24-hour-a-day guard” by a former police officer. This claustrophobic setup triggered her.

Woehler said,

“She told them to stop. Then she panicked, and tried to get out a window. She fell and severely injured her foot, which has now been amputated.”

Friend Ira Robbins told The National Inquirer that Bembenek lost more than a foot that day.

“Since the incident, Laurie has not been able to work or support herself…She’s said many times that she holds Dr. Phil and his producers personally responsible for ruining her life.”

Worse yet, Bembenek died of liver failure at 52 without having her name cleared.

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