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Here’s The Truth About Candace Owens


After being embraced by right-wing pundits for her often controversial ideology, Candace Owens became a conservative icon practically overnight. Since then, she’s become a Fox News regular, a diehard Trump supporter, and even a congressional witness. But who is she – really? This is the untold truth of Candace Owens.

Candace Owens co-founded the marketing agency Degree180 in 2015, where her political posts were very different from the Owens people know today. For example, she wrote about what she called the “crazy antics” of the conservative Tea Party, adding that she expected that faction to eventually die off. But in 2016, her political transformation began with her next business venture, a site called Social Autopsy – that would serve as a searchable database to expose so-called “cyberbullies and trolls.”

Many felt this was an invasion of privacy and would lead to rampant doxing. In retaliation, people began to dox Owens herself, making information such as her address and contact information available to the public. At the time, Owens was also reported to have received threatening emails and texts, many of them of a racist nature.

This incident led to Owens crossing paths with alt-right figures such as Mike Cernovich. Cernovich later told NBC News:

“I reached out to offer some moral support, told her to keep her head up and not let the hate get her down.”

And that’s all it took. Keep watching to learn The Truth About Candace Owens!


Turning right | 0:00
Kanye and Candace | 1:31
Climate change denial | 2:28
Denying influencing shooter | 3:44
Hoax theories | 4:50
Debacle in the House | 6:01
Trump love | 6:55
Michigan | 8:01
Ahmaud Arbery | 9:09
George Floyd | 10:30

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