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Inside Demi Lovato’s Relationship With Max Ehrich


Demi Lovato’s relationship with Max Ehrich has been an absolute whirlwind. In a few short months, they’ve gone from being strangers, to roommates, to potential spouses. Here’s the truth about the former Disney Channel star’s new love.

Ehrich is an actor whose earliest credits include small parts on various TV shows, but his talents really shine in the world of soaps. His big break was a 120-episode stint on the long-running series The Young and the Restless. According to his Instagram account, it led to four Emmy nominations, and he planned to bring his mom as his date to one of the award ceremonies. After landing a nomination, he told SheKnows,

“A lot of it feels like a dream in a sense. Ever since I moved [to Los Angeles] and I get to do what I love to do for a living, it is kind of enough already. So to get this kind of recognition and a nomination, it is just not something I ever really thought would happen.”

Daytime soaps may seem far removed from Lovato’s world of pop stardom, but Ehrich also has a Disney Channel connection. The star appeared in High School Musical 3, which debuted the same year Lovato starred in Camp Rock. He was right under Lovato’s nose this whole time!

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