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Kelly Osbourne Is Unrecognizable After Losing 85 Lbs


It’s safe to say that no one will come out of the COVID-19 pandemic quite the same, and some people are emerging from months of staying home with a completely new look. Kelly Osbourne is one of those people, and fans can’t help but notice that Osbourne has undergone quite the transformation during quarantine.

People were quick to comment on a new selfie Osbourne posted on Instagram, which saw her posing with purple hair while wearing a red Gucci jumpsuit. Jeannie Mai’s mother, Olivia Mai, commented,

“Oh my gosh, you lost a lot of weight.”

Osbourne replied,

“That’s right Mamma Mai I lost 85 lbs since I last saw you. Can you believe it?”

According to The Mirror, Kelly Osbourne’s health journey originally kicked off when she joined Dancing With the Stars in 2009. The competitive reality television show demanded 16-hour days and killer rehearsals, which led her to shed 30 pounds right off the bat. When she gained the pounds back after the show’s conclusion, she hit the Hollywood Hills to hike a few times a week and ended up dropping 30 pounds once more.

By 2013, Osbourne had already lost approximately 70 pounds, according to HuffPost. But that was not without changes to her diet and lifestyle, which included some slightly wacky methods, including a strictly mushroom diet and hula-hoop parties. The real changes didn’t come from dieting, though. Osbourne told HuffPost in 2013,

“Once I learned how to work out right and eat right, it’s one of those things that you just have to commit to a life change rather than being on a diet. Because a diet doesn’t work. You lose weight and you stop it and it will all come back. So you just have to take baby steps, commit to something and stay true to it.”

In August 2020, People reported that Kelly Osbourne shared a photo of a Neiman Marcus clothing tag in an Instagram Story, showing off her size 26 clothing purchase, which is about a size 2 in the United States. Along with the photo, Osbourne wrote,

“Yes…I’m bragging because I worked hard and it feels good!!!”

The hard work was not solely focused on her diet and fitness efforts. She’s also been through a lot of ups and downs with her body because of her previous struggles with addiction.

Although the reality TV veteran is receiving lots of love for her slimmed-down appearance, her body changes can be attributed to more than just weight loss. She discussed her struggles with drugs and alcohol during a May 2020 appearance on The Recovery. Osbourne explained,

“I was so wasted the whole time. I hadn’t been to a grocery store in three years or done normal things. I thought, ‘I don’t want to live like this anymore.'”

Back in 2010, Osbourne admitted to Us Weekly,

“I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that.”

One day she was walking down the street, and as Osbourne revealed,

“[S]ome horrible obnoxious teenager screamed out a car window to me ‘You’re fat!’ […] I went to my parents [Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne] bawling, ‘I would rather be called ugly than be called fat!'”

In 2011, The “Shut Up” singer told Shape,

“I was called fat and ugly in the press almost my entire life. […] I understand that being judged by others comes with the territory, but it broke my heart and ruined my self-esteem. It sets you up to hate yourself in a huge way. I was so angry about the things people said about me. I truly believe it’s the main reason I […] ended up in rehab three times. I just hated myself.”

She also explained how her addiction and food issues intertwined, telling the magazine,

“I replaced the drugs with food and just got fatter and fatter.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum also admitted,

“I’m an emotional eater. When I get upset, my diet goes out the window.”

Osbourne isn’t the only person who’s struggled with weight, or even substituted one addiction with another, but she’s gone through all of these changes in the spotlight. Fortunately, that criticism has finally transformed into support. Watch the video to see how Kelly Osbourne Is Unrecognizable After Losing 85 Lbs!


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