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Lala Kent Loves Her New Face After Several Procedures


Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent first appeared on Season 4 of the Bravo series, having moved to Los Angeles from her native Utah. Lala’s vibe was pretty laid back in 2016 when she made her TV debut, which makes sense since she was merely a hostess at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood hot spot, SUR.

But a whole lot has changed since then. Lala went on to meet Hollywood producer Randall Emmett and the couple got engaged in 2018

And like many aspiring starlets, Lala has changed her appearance throughout the years with the help of plastic surgery. She revealed in a 2017 video for Bravo that she has had Botox, as well as fillers injected into her cheeks, lips, and jaw. And although she expressed some regret at the time for, quote, “overdoing it,” it appears she’s back on the sauce in a big way. She vented in April 2020 on her Instagram Stories,

“The quarantine is preventing me from getting the injections I need to keep this face. My jawline is fading quickly and these wrinkles are getting deep.”

As she told People,

“I’ve had every part of my face injected.”

Lala continues to claim that she isn’t the type of person to lie about the work she’s had done. And she displayed this sentiment firsthand when, in May 2020, she took to her Instagram Stories to compare her new look to her look in 2016, saying,

“I’ve been watching Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules…and, dude, I have such a little baby face. I was just so, like, trying to figure out life in LA being on a television show, you know. I look at myself and I’m like, ‘aw little baby Lala.'”

Watch the full video to see more about why Lala Kent loves her new face after several procedures.

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