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Most Expensive and Natural Mineral Water | This is Evian


#Evian is sourced from an alpine mineral spring on the south shores of Lake Geneva. This spring is fed by ice/snow melts coming of the north face of the Swiss Alps. It’s a protected source ensuring the water remains as pure as it was when bottling began. Waters that come from specific sources (i.e. Evian and Fiji) are higher in price from the start, they use one of a kind water sources. No one else is llowed to bottle or sell water from these sources. That extra cost comes from ensuring the spring stays protected and clean.

Nestled in the French Alps is a spa town with stunning landscapes, snow-clad mountains, and quaint French charm. What’s most intriguing about the place isn’t just its natural beauty—it’s the delightful people who live there, and their unfaltering passion for the region’s famed natural resource: evian natural spring water.

This is Evian takes viewers on a mini adventure through the quirky town of Évian-les-Bains to meet the faces behind the famous spring water. On this ride, you’ll meet (among others): the town mountaineer, a bunch of friendly cows, a less-than-perfect tattoo artist, water fountain pilgrims, and even pools of evian water rumored to keep you feeling young. If that’s not enough to make you add Évian-les-Bains to your travel bucket list, we don’t know what is.