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Ninja Legends Pet Giveaway! | Dark-Element Pet Giveaway LIVE (04/03)


Roblox Ninja Legends pet giveaway here! We’ll give a Dark-Element pet for each winner tonight. Giving away some free Dark-Element pets on stream! Like the stream and subscribe if you want a chance for a free Dark-Element GLITCH: Awakened Nighthunter pet on Roblox Ninja Legends! These pets give out insane ninjitsu, coins, and chi! We are doing a ninja legends pet giveaway live! We are giving away Dark-Element pets! Enjoy the brand new pet update as well for Ninja legends as the boost is still around with 10,000 ninjitsu weekend! Dark-Element pets are also out in the brand new update for Ninja Legends so stay tuned for those soon!

Donations are voluntary and very appreciated! You can donate to the channel here: https://streamlabs.com/captainjackattack

How to enter the giveaway
1. (VERY IMPORTANT) Have followers join game enabled in settings so I can join your game if you won!
2. Type your username in chat and I will pick a random winner at a random time via my mouse or by raffle!
3. My Roblox Username is CaptainJackAttack101 on Roblox! Follow me to join the empty server challenges throughout the stream.

Feel free like and subscribe as well, it helps out the channel a lot! Just to clarify, you don’t have to subscribe to join the giveaway!

Disclaimer: I can’t wait for you forever so make sure you are ready to trade otherwise I may have to find you later.

Be sure to smash that subscribe button for more content! I upload 2-3 videos a week so it will make your life easier if you subscribe and turn notifications on! Enjoy!


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