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The Real Reason Giada De Laurentiis Got Divorced


Scandalous rumors flew almost immediately after this celebrity chef announced a separation from her husband. But the answer to why this power couple called it quits might be simpler than you think. Let’s dig into some of the theories about Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson’s divorce.

Sometimes celebrities offer insight into their relationships during happier times that may later offer the public clues about their struggles. Back in 2009, De Laurentiis told Redbook that her marriage worked because she and Thompson took turns in the limelight. She explained,

“In the beginning, I was there to help him in his career. Now he’s where he wants to be, and he helps me in mine. You know, most men want to be in the limelight and have the woman take care of them…There have to be times where it’s about Todd, when I’m Todd’s wife and that’s just who I am at that moment.”

De Laurentiis went on to become the more recognizable name of the pair, so somewhere between 2009 and 2014, it’s possible that the balance shifted too much toward Thompson supporting her career with his own as a designer being pushed aside. That’s just speculation, of course, but it wouldn’t be the first time that the uglier side of fame snuck into a marriage and cracked its foundation.

De Laurentiis told Redbook that her brother losing his battle to skin cancer is what made her decide to become a parent. She said,

“He always wanted to have children, but he didn’t get to. And after he died, I remember thinking, ‘you know, maybe there’s a place in my heart for someone else other than all the people I already have in my life.'”

But the decision to have her daughter wasn’t initially an easy one for De Laurentiis to make. She admitted,

“I know I was very afraid…My brother’s passing made me afraid, I think because I was afraid that we could have a child and lose him or her too. I didn’t know if I could go through that kind of pain with anybody else the way I did with my brother. So for a while, I was very down on the whole idea.”

Thompson and De Laurentiis have always been devoted parents to their daughter Jade. But De Laurentiis has also been open about how tough it is to juggle her grueling celebrity schedule with parenting. She told The Cut in 2018 that she realized years prior,

“If I continue this, I will not see [Jade] grow up.”

Is it possible that Thompson wanted more kids, and De Laurentiis was already spread too thin both personally and professionally?

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