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The Real Reason Why Idina Menzel And Taye Diggs Divorced


When news broke that Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs were splitting in 2013, true love died a little everywhere, or, at least, that’s how it felt to the couple’s die hard fans. Let’s dig deep into the possible reasons these two decided to “let it go.”

While neither Diggs nor Menzel have ever mentioned, or even hinted about, any infidelity in their marriage, there were rumors following their split that Diggs was, at the very least, considering his options. RadarOnline claimed that Diggs was “acting like a bachelor” shortly before the split, and reported in 2013 that he had been spotted out partying and displaying what looked like “single behavior” in the weeks before he and Menzel separated.

The tab also included allegations of less-than-faithful behavior from Diggs in September and October of that same year, in the buildup to the couple’s December separation. Just two days after news of the split broke, sources told VH1’s The Gossip Table that one of the factors that caused trouble in their marriage was Taye’s supposedly wandering eye.

Since neither Diggs nor Menzel have ever addressed these allegations, however, they’ll probably remain exactly that, unconfirmed rumors. Keep watching to learn The Real Reason Why Idina Menzel And Taye Diggs Divorced!

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