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The Seriously Shady Truth About America’s Got Talent


America’s Got Talent may as well be called America’s Got Drama, based on the sketchy things that tend to go on behind the scenes. The NBC hit has seen its share of feuds, replacements, and shocking allegations. Here are some shady things you may not know about America’s Got Talent.

Nick Cannon, who had hosted America’s Got Talent since 2009, angered network execs with a crack he made about NBC taking away his, quote, “black card” during a Showtime comedy special in 2017. According to TMZ, NBC higher-ups reportedly believed speaking negatively of the network was a violation of his contract.

Sources claimed that network execs considered firing Cannon, but ultimately decided against it. However, Cannon quit the show just days later, with sources telling TMZ he felt he was treated differently than other celebs who’d previously made jokes about their networks. At the time, he wrote on Facebook,

“After days of deliberating over some extremely disappointing news that I was being threatened with termination by executives because of a comedy special that was only intended to bring communities closer together, I was to be punished for a joke.”

Cannon told Yahoo! Entertainment,

“It was a freedom of speech process and me standing firm for my own beliefs and culturally who I am…And they wanted me to shape up and get in line and watch my choice of words or how I speak about the network…I told them, ‘You can’t fire a boss. I quit!'” Keep watching to learn The Seriously Shady Truth About America’s Got Talent!

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