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The Truth About Kacey Musgraves


Kacey Musgraves is not your average country artist. In a sea of arguably formulaic songs about trucks, beer, and scorned ex-lovers, the singer-songwriter has transcended the genre with creative, relevant and deeply personal songs. Here’s some stuff you might not know about the Nashville-based artist.

Kacey Musgraves’ grandmother was instrumental in launching her career as a country star, which began when she started singing publicly at 8 years old. At one point, her grandmother even served as her booking agent.

According to ABC News, Musgraves’ parents and grandparents would help her hawk CDs and drive her around to shows in her grandparents’ minivan. Her sister was and is her photographer, and her parents would print headshots and merchandise in their print shop. Musgraves’ career was truly a family-run operation. She told ABC,

“I just had one of those families that was like, ‘OK, you want to be a singer, you want to be a performer, or whatever? OK, let’s get you guitar lessons, let’s load up the minivan, let’s go to shows,. Just really lucky that we had really nurturing parents and grandparents that really encouraged us to just be who we wanted to be.” Keep watching to learn The Truth About Kacey Musgraves!


Family business | 0:00
Senior superlative | 1:08
Champion yodeler | 1:53
Failed reality TV run | 2:35
Moving to Nashville | 3:30
Self-released albums | 4:21
The hit that almost wasn’t hers | 5:09
Writing on LSD | 6:03
She’ll call you out | 6:53
Meeting her hero | 7:44
Bye-bye, breakup ballad | 8:49
Dog person | 9:44

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