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The Untold Truth Of Blue’s Clues Host Josh Dela Cruz


Launched by Nickelodeon in 1996, children’s TV series Blue’s Clues introduced viewers to an animated dog named Blue and his human best friend, Steve. In 2018, Nickelodeon launched a reboot with a new host, Josh Dela Cruz. Keep reading to find out the untold truth of this talented new star.

Staying in shape is a passion for Josh Dela Cruz, who once took to Instagram to announce he was joining an online challenge to do 200 pushups a day until reaching a total of 6,000. In an interview with GQ, he opened up about his strict vegan diet and exercise regimen, which includes “Crossfit-inspired” workouts both before and after work. He also adds Brazilian jiu-jitsu into the mix and typically works out seven days a week. According to Dela Cruz, he sees Brazilian jiu-jitsu as similar to yoga, with the key difference that, quote, “people fight back.”

He also explained why he and his wife, actress Amanda Dela Cruz, decided to embrace a vegan diet after learning of a history of cancer in both families.

“It was mainly for health at the time, so we just wanted to tune our bodies and be in the best place possible to have a fighting chance for whatever comes our way. And we found that veganism was that change for us.” Keep watching to learn The Untold Truth Of Blue’s Clues Host Josh Dela Cruz!

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Competing against thousands | 1:15
Changing children’s television | 1:55
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Living the Blue’s Clues dream | 3:22
Performing on Broadway | 3:58
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