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This Is The Shady Truth About Drew Brees


There’s no denying this New Orleans Saints quarterback’s performance on the field. His legendary career speaks for itself at this point. Off the field? That’s another story, with one huge controversy potentially tainting his “nice guy” image forever. Huddle up for the shady truth about Drew Brees.

In his NFL career, Brees had earned a whopping $244.7 million as of the making of this video. But it seems he wants more, and according to SB Nation’s Canal Street Chronicles, Brees has engaged in, quote, “unsavory and borderline diabolical business practices.”

Brees and his wife Brittany publicly supported a construction project on New Orleans’ historic Magazine Street in 2011. Nola.com reported that residents thought the proposed three-story pilates studio would be an “eyesore” that would worsen traffic. Brittany argued that the building didn’t need to meet the required parking regulations because she would ride her bike there. The star QB also joined a group attempting to build a $4 million kids’ soccer complex on The Fly, a coveted piece of city-owned waterfront property. According to 4WWL, critics of the project accused the developers of “trying to cut a backroom” deal. The project was ultimately shelved. Keep watching to learn The Shady Truth About Drew Brees!


Business practices raise eyebrows | 0:00
Pyramid scheme | 1:17
PSA gone wrong | 2:28
Pushing back against protests | 3:26
Other athletes strike back | 5:12
Brees’ apology | 6:23

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