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This Is Why The First Season Of Dance Moms Was Bizarre


Dance Moms introduced the world to the talented young stars of the Abby Lee Dance Company, whom fans immediately felt sorry for, once they witnessed the unbridled chaos of director Abby Lee Miller. It was the best kind of trainwreck. But looking back, there was a lot about the premiere season that was just downright bizarre.

One thing that immediately stood out about Season 1 was Abby Lee Miller’s completely unfiltered approach. Miller was not at all concerned with what people thought about her, or about being viewed as politically correct in any way. And so much of what made the show addicting to watch was not knowing how Miller was going to react to hearing a mother complain, or a dancer miss a step.

As Decider bluntly put it,

“Here’s this mentally unstable Pittsburgh dance teacher who’s convinced herself that she’s actually an important human being. So important that she can berate 8-year-olds.”

Yeah. Looking back, it seems pretty bizarre that an adult woman was allowed to behave this way, in what the network generously described as quote “aggressive yelling” as a form of dance instruction, and then go on to get her own show about it.

Still, there is no denying the fact that it was entertaining TV. And hey, if nothing else, Miller helped launch some talented young dancers into the industry. Keep watching to learn that This Is Why The First Season Of Dance Moms Was Bizarre!


Abby makes everyone cry | 0:00
Do the dancers go to school? | 1:16
Was Abby typecasting? | 2:15
What ever happened to Lux? | 3:19
Those fights can’t be real | 4:20
Creating “chemistry” | 5:09
The ranking system | 6:20
The pressure on Chloe | 7:21
The runaway favorite | 8:26
Was ALDC vs. Candy Apples real? | 9:06
Big girl moves | 10:00

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