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Tragic Details About John Travolta


In the late 1970s, off the heels of Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta was considered one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs. Unfortunately, as years passed, Travolta’s success in film has been overshadowed by a litany of bad press. Here are some tragic details about John Travolta.

Travolta was just 23 years old when his girlfriend lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 41. According to People magazine, actress Diana Hyland had a mastectomy two years prior to her death. When Travolta first met her on the set of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, he claimed there was “a possibility” she’d recover.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse while the actress was wrapping up some early episodes of Eight Is Enough. Travolta told the magazine in 1977,

“She didn’t know she was going to die for sure until two weeks before.”

That’s when the actor flew to Los Angeles to be with Hyland during her final days, and he was with her when she passed away. Travolta described the time after Hyland’s death as the “hardest 10 weeks” of his life, and he relied on Scientology to help him through. He added,

“I gave her great joy the last months of her life. I always feel she is with me, I mean, her intentions are. Diana always wanted the world for me in every possible way.”

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