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Tragic Details About Samuel L. Jackson


Samuel L. Jackson is the undisputed king of the box office, which is especially incredible when you consider everything he’s endured in his personal life. From a complicated childhood to struggles with addiction, this is the tragic real-life story of Sam Jackson.

Jackson was raised by his maternal aunt and grandparents in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His mother relocated to Washington, D.C. for work, though she made regular trips home to see her son. His father, however, wasn’t in the picture. He left when his son was still in diapers, but Jackson’s never been one to complain about it. In 2012 he told The Telegraph,

“It was fine. One of the things that disturbs people about me is that I don’t have separation anxiety.”

Jackson only ever saw his father on two occasions, once when he was a child and then later when his daughter Zoe was six months old. The actor happened to be in a show that was playing at a theater near his paternal grandmother’s home and decided that he wanted to meet her. When he arrived at her house, his father was also there. In 2009, he told The Guardian,

“There was no way I thought of him as my father. We had a conversation and he said something like, ‘You can’t talk to me that way, I’m your father,’ and I said, ‘No, you’re not, we’re just two people talking.'”

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Absent father | 0:00
Learning how to fight | 1:14
Growing up during segregation | 2:10
Going to rehab | 3:17
In good times and bad | 4:20
Radicalized by family tragedy | 5:26
Laying Dr. King to rest | 6:46
Fleeing Atlanta | 7:59
Saved by golf | 9:02
Alzheimer’s runs in the family | 10:15

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