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We Now Understand What Happened To These ’90s Talk Show Hosts


Talk shows ruled 90’s daytime TV. Amid a huge spike in so-called tabloid talk shows, others kept it a little classier, but all the biggies had one thing in common, an instantly recognizable host. Let’s answer the question on everyone’s mind: whatever happened to these 90s talk show hosts?

When daytime talk show Geraldo ended in 1998, host Geraldo Rivera moved back into journalism. The former Eyewitness News reporter became a war correspondent for Fox News in 2001, joining the network a few months after the 9/11 attacks. He was sent both to Afghanistan and Iraq, and he was kicked out of the latter country following an embarrassing and dangerous gaffe.

In a now infamous report, Rivera drew a map in the sand and proceeded to explain exactly how the unit he was with planned to proceed. Pentagon officials stated that Rivera gave out sensitive information live on television, and he would be escorted to the Kuwaiti border.

His fame has been diminishing ever since, and today he’s better known for his intermittent blunders than anything else. Most recently, Rivera attracted negative attention for his reporting on the coronavirus. On a March 2020 episode of Fox & Friends, Rivera stated that if you were able to hold your breath for 10 seconds, then you didn’t have COVID-19, which had already been debunked by experts. Keep watching to see What Happened To These 90 Talk Show Hosts!

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